Our purpose

We bring the bold

We offer a radical perspective and partnership to help you think past constraints, understand your opportunities and create a success that is deeper and more sustainable than ever before.

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Our superpowers

What we do

  • Define the vision

    • Audience research
    • Ideation
    • Product/market fit
    • Roadmapping
    • Brand strategy

  • Create the experience

    • Product concepting
    • Rapid prototyping
    • Visual branding
    • UX & visual design
    • Content strategy & copy
    • Web/app development

  • Amplify the value

    • Marketing strategy
    • Messaging platform
    • Campaign development
    • Community building

Our methodology

The way of the bold

Fearlessly seek the truth
Ask tough questions. Ask stupid questions. Ask questions no one else is asking. Question the answers. Let go of the assumptions. Read between the lines. Know customers better than they know themselves. Uncover the market’s underlying forces.

Stand up to it
Report back with new understanding and perspective. Tell it like it is. Put aside the politics. Quell the fear. Have a difficult conversation. Have several. Get uncomfortable. Get ready.

Create on the margins of possibility
Push the envelope. Forget the envelope entirely. Tap into untapped creativity. Get wild. Get messy. Get thinking. Approach from a new angle. Find new solutions. Iterate, iterate, iterate.

Forgo the ego
Accept all feedback. Solicit the negative kind. Test out ideas with neutral parties. Encourage their skepticism. Listen hard. Stay open. Set old ideas free. Evolve past brilliance. Start again.

Our team

We can’t wait to create change.

We won’t rest until everyone, especially those who have been historically oppressed, feels safe, deeply respected and has the opportunity to fully thrive.

Our partners and co-conspirators

Together, we've changed the game




We couldn’t be happier.

- Rebecca Lawson, VP Marketing, OSIsoft (now Aveva)

The Boldium team is fantastic!

- Jon Seiler, Director of Product Management, ATP

Boldium surpassed our expectations.

- Paige Rodgers, Head of Marketing, Autodesk Sustainability & Foundation