Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere automates repetitive business processes to boost productivity and free up humans to focus on more important work. They asked us to update their home page and create a video to clarify what they do and bring it to life.

The Medforce home page, showing a dynamic animated hero graphic and marketing copy

The key insight

Some people are excited about automation. Others are intimidated. Automation Anywhere needed to reach both audiences by highlighting their work at the forefront of innovation while grounding their message in real-life improvements for people at work and at home.

The bold strategy

For the website, we injected dynamism near the top of the home page with a constantly moving stat ticker along with the latest news and assets from Automation Anywhere. As readers scroll, our message shifts to easy-to-understand benefits, related products, case studies, and ways to get started. To drive home the point, we created an animated video showing a day in the life of an end user.

Videos that hit home

We created a super easy to understand, light-hearted “day in the life of” video series to generate excitement—and alleviate anxiety—among the people who will actually be using automation software. The videos feature office workers stuck in a life of drudgery, until Automation Anywhere software comes to the rescue. It improves their work life and gives them more time to do the things they love at home. Like giving pet turtles extra TLC 🙂

Supporting people, not replacing them

Automation Anywhere isn’t about replacing people with robots. It’s about helping them focus on high-value tasks instead of mundane, repetitive ones. From the copy to the imagery, we highlighted the experiences of real clients and real benefits.

Full page screenshot of the redesigned Automation Anywhere home page

Stat-backed credibility

We created a case study treatment that emphasizes impressive numbers and specific use cases. The numbers reinforce Automation Anywhere’s credibility, while the use cases help prospective clients find something they can relate to.

Section of the Automation Anywhere website advertising key client stats — $19m reduction in provisioning costs (Bancolumbia), 40k documents processed (KeyBank), 95% less time spent on manual data input (NHS)


  • Creative Direction
  • UI/UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Animation


  • Content strategy
  • Copywriting