EO is a true pioneer in natural body products. But as more and more companies jumped on the natural products train, competition became tough. So they asked us to help guide a digital first marketing strategy.

Mother and daughter holding hands and laughing on the beach during sunset

The key insight

EO Products owes much of its success to unparalleled quality and integrity. Telling that story authentically was the key for EO Products to stand out from the trendy start-ups and large enterprises entering the scene.

The bold strategy

The most powerful way to tell a story is to enact it. For EO Products, we not only explained how essential oils and natural ingredients can create calm and balance, but we used the digital format to actually inspire these mini-moments.

Composite image showing EO shower gel next to mobile and desktop screenshots of the website

In the moment. Literally.

Starting with the hero, we served up a beautiful image and an inspiring message that was relevant for that moment in time (with the help of geolocation). The message to our audience was clear—take a deep breath, stay calm, and seize the moment. Just below the hero, we included an offer geared to the time of day that they could take advantage of.

Educating our audience

We also established a new brand voice that was informative, simple, and calm. Because every product has a unique story, we wrote over 100 descriptions explaining the benefits of natural products on your body, your mind, and the environment.

Long screenshot of EO product page, showing product details, creative uses, product pairings, and relevant articles

Easy to browse, easy to buy

To see the essential benefits of any product, simply hover over it. From there, it’s extremely easy to pop what you like in your cart, right from the hover.

Image showing hover state for product cards on the EO website.

Building credibility

A lot of the upcomers are virtue signaling. When you talk to the founders of EO Product, it’s clear that their commitment runs deep. The key to building credibility was to tell their story, and tell it authentically, bringing in the nuances and the tensions. In addition, we created a unique illustration style to accompany the story that drew out the essence with honesty and simplicity.

EO brand illustration showing product silhoutte and eyedroppers, representing the many uses of EO products
EO brand illustration showing product silhoutte on a backdrop of wind turbines, with recylcing logos, representing the ecologically conscious nature of EO as a company
EO brand illustration showing product silhoutte and silhouttes of people, representing the joy and warmth that is key to EO's brand
EO brand illustration showing product silhoutte, hands, and civic buildings, representing EO giving back to communities

Simple. Flexible. Accessible.

We created a simple, modular, and accessible component library that gave the EO team the building blocks to easily build the site they needed—and maintain it over time. So as new products and categories came onto the market, the team could build out specific landing pages to promote them.

Variations of CTA module for the EO website, showcasing engaging photography, branded copy, and clear calls to action with various button styles.
Variations of CTA module for the EO website, showcasing engaging photography, branded copy, and clear calls to action with various button styles.

Outperformed the previous website

30 %

increase in sales

40 %

increase in online purchases from both brands


  • Strategy pillars
  • Feature roadmapping
  • Information architecture


  • Creative direction
  • UX/UI design
  • Design optimization
  • Visual design
  • Motion design


  • Content Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Shopify CMS