Autodesk Fusion 360

Autodesk's Fusion 360 is a revolutionary software that unifies the entire product development lifecycle—from design and engineering to electronics and manufacturing. They came to us to define an equally bold and revolutionary way to get people fired up.

Person working in shop with large cast-metal parts.

The key insight

The most innovative thing about Fusion 360 is that it brings together all the various parts of the design and manufacturing process onto one unified platform. Our interviews revealed that while users see a huge advantage in this, what mattered most was that the particular part of Fusion 360 they would use is leading edge.

The bold strategy

The website needed ample sizzle, befitting of a product as revolutionary as this. At the same time, it had to be simple and intuitive enough so people could quickly drill down to get the details they needed.

Composite image showing desktop and mobile views of the Fusion360 home page

Bold and simple

Fusion 360 is so revolutionary that many people have a hard time fully grasping it. To help them understand, we made it highly visual, using motion and 3D models. In addition, we designed a clear path to get people over to the specific features we knew they would be looking for.

Boldium is a wonderful agency and a brilliant digital partner. Everyone on the team is extremely collaborative and creative, pushing our team to excellence. We owe huge gratitude to Boldium.

Sam Sattel , Senior Product Manager, Autodesk

Bringing communities together

Because Fusion 360 covers so much territory, we knew it would be important to help maintain a sense of community within the different parts of the process. We designed features in the blog to encourage this. We based the navigation on a user's professional roles. We also designed features to encourage users to engage with articles. A unique "reaction" button that makes it easy to tell the author you found their article helpful or insightful. And a customizable question prompt, instead of a generic "leave a comment", to spark deeper conversation.

Screenshot of Fusion360 Blog page, showing easily browseable categories
Screenshot of Fusion360 Blog article
Screenshot of reaction functionality available on articles, showing options for helpful, insightful, and thought provoking.

Find yourself in navigation

We also designed the website so different users, from 3D designers and mechanical engineers to electronic and manufacturing engineers, can navigate directly to learn how the software caters to their professional roles. Clicking on a page gives them a tailored view of what the software can do for them, highlighting top benefits, then moving on to feature details to customer stories.

Screenshot of Fusion360 home page

Outperformed the previous website

160 %

increase in online orders

100 %

increase in trial activations

I highly recommend the Boldium team.

Sam Sattel , Senior Product Manager, Autodesk


  • Strategy pillars
  • Feature roadmapping
  • Personas
  • Information architecture


  • Creative direction
  • UX/UI design
  • Design optimization
  • Visual design
  • Motion design
  • Accessibility


  • Usability testing
  • Qualitative interviews