MedForce, medical communication conglomerate, asked us to update the branding and website for two of their brands. We set out to shine a unique spotlight on each brand, while also connecting them to each other.

The Medforce home page, showing a dynamic animated hero graphic and marketing copy

The key insight

MedForce and Fallon Medica both provide medical communication services in different ways at different stages of a life science company’s process. So they needed to maintain separate brands and websites without feeling completely disconnected.

The bold strategy

We created shared design system that could flex for both brands. From a design and development perspective, it helped us quickly create two different websites. From a strategy perspective, it helped MedForce and Fallon Medica strike the right balance of similarity and distinction.

Two brands in one

In creating the brand identities, we wanted them to be clear and unambiguous, so the names of each company had to be the focal point. The dark blue is a shared color, while the lighter blue and green help to set them apart. The most distinct element, the “F”, has a forward-moving feel of momentum or “force” — and we were able to leverage the curve as a design element throughout both sites.

MedForce logo
FallonMedica logo
Force Blue, a vibrant blue color
Fallon Green, a rich green color that differentiates FallonMedica from MedForce
Force Navy, a deep navy blue color
Force Black, a rich, dense, near-black color.

A flexible template

We designed and developed a single template that both sites could share — with just enough customization to set them apart. The main focus of each site is to help prospective clients understand the services that MedForce and Fallon Medica provide and why their service is superior.

FallonMedica sub-page, showing similar design elements to Medforce and template flexibility between brands
MedForce sub-page, showing similar design elements to Fallon Medica and template flexibility between brands
FallonMedica homepage, showing similar design elements and template flexibility
MedForce homepage, showing similar design elements and template flexibility

Emphasizing service through the people who serve

Both MedForce and Fallon Medica pride themselves on providing best-in-class client service. That’s only possible because of great people — people worth including on the sites. We made it a point to feature not only the leadership teams, but some of the other individuals who help these companies thrive.

Medforce's expert team is showcased on the homepage with prominent photographs.
Additional team members and company information are showcased on a dedicated 'Who we are' page.


  • Brand strategy
  • Messaging platform


  • Creative direction
  • Website UI/UX
  • Logo redesign


  • Web development


  • Website content strategy
  • Website copywriting