Nova Credit

Newcomers to the U.S. were considered “credit invisible” upon arrival — until Nova Credit made it possible for them to transfer their foreign credit. They asked us to improve one of their products so that more users would complete the full process.

Person in living room, smiling at their phone

The key insight

For this product, users would apply for a credit card or loan through a third party, like American Express. After filling out their information and confirming their country of origin, they had one more step. That’s where Nova Credit came in — and where too many mobile users dropped, losing their entire application in the process.

The bold strategy

Considering privacy concerns, we had to make sure the introduction of Nova Credit felt credible. So we dialed up the emphasis on the partnership and explicitly called out security. And because this is an “extra step” after the application, we emphasized clarity and simplicity in the design to help users navigate through with minimal friction.

Set of screens showing the simple onboarding process that Boldium designed and prototyped for Novacredit.

A subtle signature

A consistent element of every screen is the curved, light-blue background. It adds just enough character to feel unique without demanding too much attention. The color also worked with Nova Credit’s brand guidelines and American Express, the most prominent partner.

Set of screens showing the consistent visual signature of a curved, light blue background

Clarity for the skeptics

On the first screen, users can select their country of origin or tap to “learn more” about the experience. That “learn more” screen needed to convince users to keep going. Between the design and the content, we had to make sure the entire process felt clear, credible, and easy.

Onboarding screen showing simple, easy country selection
Onboarding screen showing an introduction to Novacredit that establishes context and trust with the user

It was a true pleasure working with Boldium. We worked with them on a major redesign of our core product, and they met our very high expectations. Their team was consistently thoughtful, responsive, and data-driven. I was impressed by the quality of their work, the depth of their expertise, and the collaborative spirit with which they approached our project.

Benjamin Cole , Product Manager, Nova Credit

The momentum of progress

We provided two distinct approaches that the Nova Credit team could A/B test to give users context about progress. A more subtle approach had traditional bars at the top of the screen. A more aggressive approach stacked the entire flow and revealed every section’s headline.

Set of mobile screens showing two variations for indicating progress, used for A/B testing


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