Weev set out to create a product that connects brands and suppliers on a shared platform — to make the footwear creation process faster, more transparent, and more sustainable. They asked us to help bring their vision to life.

Composite image of the Weev web app, showing a hero graphic about bio-fabricated leathers.

The key insight

While some competitors made it possible to browse materials and request samples, they ignored the rest of the workflow — which consists of disparate tools, one-off conversations, and poor collaboration. We knew that by tackling those issues, we could create a valuable product.

The bold strategy

We had to create a best-in-class material browse experience, but that was table stakes. We made it easy for teams to create projects that included folders, materials, mood boards, comments, and more — allowing them to collaborate in real time internally and with their suppliers.

Browsing with delight

The browse experience combines the ease of searching and filtering with the delight of seeing beautiful, hi-res images in an attractive grid — and being able to dive deeper to see 3D visualizations and explore every detail.

The design for Weev's "Materials" page, showing detailed information on a variety of materials in a clean, visually engaging grid

“The Boldium team pulled apart all the thoughts and ideas to design an amazing and comprehensive platform for us. They delivered a product beyond our expectations.”

Joanne Stetson , CEO, Weev

Organizing and collaborating in real time

The projects section allows users to create their own personal workspace while accessing an admin-controlled team view. They can keep track of all recent activity, read and add comments, and see how different materials are progressing through stages of their workflow.

The 'Projects' view of the Weev app, showing recent activity and a folder-based navigation method

Capturing a creative vision

Mood boards allow designers to capture their ideas however they see fit. They can add materials, colors, images, and text — anything that helps bring their visions to life. And it’s all contained within the projects again, making collaborating and commenting easier than ever.

An example 'Moodboard' from the Weev app, showing a variety of inspirational imagery in a customizable grid.

Enticing suppliers to participate

The platform would only work for brands if suppliers were on board. We provided a way for suppliers to market themselves with robust profile pages — and we built a streamlined process for them to upload materials without leaving out the important details that matter to brands.

Set of screenshots showing the Weev dashboard and more detailed specifications screen for a fabric swatch.

Introducing Weev to the world

While working on the Weev product, we designed and developed a single-page website that teased what was to come. We focused on who Weev was helping and how the product would deliver the benefits that it promised.

The Weev homepage, showing a large hero graphic that introduces the product

“I will continue to reach to Boldium whenever possible for all our future updates and new projects.”

Joanne Stetson , CEO, Weev


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