Photo of Ariel Ratajczak
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Ariel Ratajczak

Visual Designer

Ariel is passionate about finding simplicity in every design, which he says is usually a very complex process. He claims his dirty secret is that he obsesses over each and every detail. We think he’s secretly a wizard. His ability to transform wireframes into elevated brand expressions is truly magical.

Ariel knew from a young age he wanted to be a designer. First came sketching, then winning contests, and before long he was managing a team of designers. His total focus on design reaches almost every aspect of his life, sometimes verging on obsession. So much so that he’d rather not own something that’s badly designed than to have it. He’s also very passionate about photography and travel, and it’s contagious. When you see one of his photographs, you’ll want to start packing your bags. Consider yourself warned.

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