Photo of Nirmal Sherchan
About us

Nirmal Sherchan

Visual Designer

Nirmal’s approach to visual design is equal parts art and science. Indeed, he started out as a physics major in college, but then decided to switch to the arts where he focused in fine arts, painting, and animation. We’re thrilled he did, since we don’t have any openings for physicists. Nirmal is truly a master of designing in all dimensions, 2D, 3D, motion, and then there’s the 4th dimension of beauty.

The part of the project Nirmal likes the best is the process of creating, solving, and seeing a client's satisfaction with the work. Outside of work, Nirmal’s newest interest is in building and carpentry. He believes there’s something genuinely gratifying with working with his hands and making things from scratch. We’re talking literally 3D.

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